David Beckham Earns ‘More Than A £1million A Month

David Beckham, 42, is still raking in the cash as it is reported that he still earns more than £1million a month after he withdrew a £12.7million salary from his image rights company in 2016, four years ago, according to The Sun.
Earning a cool £35,000 a day, the father-of-four has enjoyed a number of profitable campaigns throughout the years since hanging up his football boots and is currently enjoying bankable deals with H&M, Adidas and Haig Club whiskey.

According to publication, David’s wages still put him amongst the top earners in the Premiere League with his estimated worth £165million while he has amassed dividends of £45million over the past five years.
In light of his financial findings, David’s London-based Footwork Productions Ltd reported a £6.28million loss of sales in 2016, taking the company’s overall turnover from £14.3million to £8.02million.

According to Companies House records, his business has now £263,000 in assets in comparison to his weighty £7.21million in 2015. While the records also highlight that the former England footballer paid £1.43million in tax on his income.
MailOnline have contacted David Beckham’s rep for comment.
His earnings come his wife Victoria’s fashion brand was said to have filed a loss of £4.6million in January.



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