Obsessed’ Miley Cyrus’ Fan Arrested After A Frightful Tweet

Obsessed Fan of  Miley Cyrus fan has reportedly been taken into custody after a series of incidents alerted police.  According to TMZ, the man travelled across the country from Milwaukee to see the 25-year-old pop singer and left a series of rambling posts on social media.
The site claims he knows Miley’s address and how to enter her house and has written that they will ‘finally get together.’

While Miley has yet to comment on the arrest, TMZ states that the fan also posted a thank-you to Miley for ‘getting rid of Liam.’

More worryingly, he spoke about a ‘horrific act he’s going to pull off that will be on the news.’
He is currently in custody, where he will be undergoing a psychological evaluation.

In 2014, Miley obtained a temporary restraining order against an Arizona man who was detained by police while trying to meet the singer-actress.
A Los Angeles judge granted Cyrus the stay-away order against Devon Meek after Cyrus’ lawyers filed court documents stating that Meek believed the singer is communicating with him through her songs.

According to documents obtained by MailOnline: ‘Meek, who we are informed and believe suffers from delusions about Ms. Cyrus, believes that the singer/actress/celebrity Ms. Cyrus communicates with him through her songs and is telling him to come to see her so that they may be together.’
And in 2012, an intruder was arrested after being found armed with scissors in the garden of Miley Cyrus’s home – he was later convicted with trespassing. Police responded to a 911 call on September 7, 2012 after Jason Luis Rivera climbed over a tall fence around the singer and actress’s property to gain access.

Credit; Dailymail


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