Stevie J To Be Jailed For Not Paying Child Support

Stevie J a comedian and former Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star who is also a father of six, will be locked up for not paying child support.

The U.S. Attorney Southern District of NY, told  TMZ  the ‘Love & Hip Hop’ star will have to turn himself in to authorities April 10 for failure to pay child support. Stevie owes more than $1.3 MILLION in back child support.

These cases are usually handled in state court, but the amount owed, the length of time he was in arrears, and the fact that the people involved are in different states all make it a federal case.

The judge also skewered Stevie for ID’ing his probation officer’s name on social media.

TMZ broke the story  that Stevie pled guilty for failure to pay child support back in February 2017. He accepted full responsibility and had been ordered to pay over $1,304,835.86. He was also placed on probation for 3 years unless he paid off his debt sooner than that.

At the time, federal prosecutors wanted Stevie to do hard time. They finally got their wish.


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