Eddie Murphy Still Uninterested In Being A Dad To MelB’s Daughter As Ex Press For Visit Of Same Kid

Eddie Murphy is ‘not interested’ in seeing his 10-year-old daughter Angel, the child he has with America’s Got Talent star Mel B, a Los Angeles court was told Wednesday.

The Spice Girl’s ex-husband Stephen Belafonte – who helped raise Angel during his 10-year marriage to Mel – is trying to persuade a judge to grant him step-parent visitation with the child, whom, he says, ‘has called me dad since she started to talk.’
Mel, 42 – who showed up at LA Superior Court today wearing a green silk shirt, flowered pants, yellow spike heels and a new frizzy hairdo – is vehemently opposing his efforts, refusing to let him see her daughter.

But Belafonte’s lawyer, Grace Jamra, said that she had been trying to reach Murphy, Angel’s biological dad, to discuss Belafonte’s step-parent request but to no avai

Jamra said she was told by his lawyers that Murphy is simply ‘not interested.’ ‘Mr Murphy has had no contact with the child,’ she told the court.

Jamra added that she had tried to serve Murphy with legal papers, but ‘Mr. Murphy is avoiding service.’
As part of their divorce settlement, Mel – real name Melanie Brown – and Belafonte were to split the proceeds of their former marital home in LA, worth an estimated $6-7 million.

Belafonte – who also showed up Wednesday, wearing a dark suit – has complained to the court that his ex-wife has been dragging her feet in paying her share of the $20,000 needed to repair the home and get it in shape to sell.
Judge Mark Juhas ordered Mel to pay $10,000 to match the $10,000 Belafonte has already shelled out toward the house repairs
Belafonte and Mel divorced last December after a bitter, seven-month battle in which lurid tales of kinky sex, drug and alcohol abuse and allegations of domestic violence made headlines.



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