DJ Spinall: If You Fail As A DJ Go Back For A Degree My Family Advised

DJ Spinall Disc jockey, real name Sodamola Desmond, spoke to Punch Newspaper’s correspondent about his journey in music .

Did your parents support your move to become a disc jockey?

My family loves fun. My mother supported my decision to be a DJ but my father was a bit doubtful. However, since I had gotten a degree in engineering at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye, he wanted me to follow my dreams. But they kept telling me that once it didn’t work out well, I should fall back on my degree. I thank God things are going as planned.

What gave you hope when things looked uncertain?

Even when things were tough, I became more determined whenever I thought of the success stories of others. I believed that if they could do it, I can too. There was no time I felt like quitting despite the challenges that came my way.

Do you sometimes think you would have been better off as an engineer?

I think I will be successful in wherever my heart is or whatever I am committed to.

Do you have other things you do?

People need to understand that disc jockeying is not just a fad; it is bigger than just a job. If I were a banker, would you expect me to do other things?


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