Versailles: BBC Drama ‘Is AXED As Viewers Switch Off Over Constant Sex Scenes

Versailles has been put to an end! It was the BBC’s raunchiest drama to date, with its second season including a whopping 30 X-rated scenes over ten episodes.
But it seems that Versailles has reached the end of the road, as French cable channel Canal Plus has reportedly decided to axe the show, and end it on its third season, as ratings plummet.

The show had a £21 million budget, and was full of raunchy scenes, but it seems that viewers of the series on both the French and British channels were turned off by the drama’s steamy nature. Speaking to The Sun, a source said: ‘The BBC made a big decision when it bought Versailles from Canal Plus, particularly with all the full-frontal nudity

‘At first, viewers were open to all the pornographic scenes but slowly the BBC saw Versailles ratings drop to just one million viewers — and it seems to have had the same effect in France too. ‘They believe it will have run its course after the third series, which will see Louis XIV achieve absolute power, so they have decided there won’t be a series four,’ they concluded.

The new season will see King Louis XIV, played by George Blagden, start up a fiery romance with Madame de Maintenon (Catherine Walker) who shares his desire for power and domination over all. Their romance is set to bloom in the new series, and as this happens the French monarch will also find himself coming face to face with a particularly important prisoner, one Man in an Iron Mask.

Despite the show coming to an end, the Sun King seems to have a lot on his plate for the forthcoming final episodes, since -as ever- he wants to have more. The third season of Versailles will air on BBC2 in the Spring.



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