Mercy Aigbe Celebrates 1 Year Of Leaving Her Abusive Marriage

Mercy Aigbe celebrated a year  Anniversary of  surviving domestic violence in her now crashed marriage! The actress captioned:

A year!
Thank you Jehovah for grace, for the spirit of forgiveness, for total healing,for strength and above all for Life!……..You are worthy to be praised 🙏🏻🙏🏻

If you recall she faced abusive marriage about a year ago.



Clapsback as estranged husband kept denying he never hit her!
@official_mercyaigbe – Throwback to when a man I call my husband almost blinded me!!!!!!!
Keep the denials and your numerous lies coming!
I am ready for you…..Mr Gentry!

Enstranged husband of #mercyaigbe reacts to a newly released video of her bleeding nose in hospital. Swipe to see his comment and the video.
The question is, who’s is lying?
#Fuzepeeping #Fuzengn

#MercyAigbe #Fuzepeeping
#Fuzengn —————————————————————————–
@Regrann from @realmercyaigbe – Why will a man who claims to love you, beat you to the extent of breaking your skull?………wat was my crime? @asiwajulanregentry you have to tell the world what my crime was?…… Now you are on the run!……. trying to connive with the police so I won’t get justice!!!!!!!…… lanre youcan run but you can’t hide, you can tell all the LIES in this world but trust me at the end of it all the TRUTH will prevail and I will get Justice……. People keep saying I shouldn’t talk and that I should think of our child………. but you keep threatening to kill me, why I don’t know!!!!!!!!!!!….. Now that you are conniving with the police I don’t feel safe and I have to cry out!………..
We were supposed to be in court this morning and you lied that you are on Admission and can’t be in court!
@asiwajulanregentry you on admission? God you can never stop LYING……..then again I ask you why are you afraid to come to court?

#MercyAigbe finally breaks silence! This comes after her estranged husband said she was mentally unstable and has been trying to get her help alongside more degrading comments from him.
Read below her caption after a week of silence when news broke her marriage was heading for a crash!
mercyaigbegentry – ” Dear Lanre Gentry, It breaks my heart that I have to do this but as it is you have left me with no choice……I had sleepless night because I just couldn’t comprehend why someone i loved , someone with whom I have a child will be hell bent on destroying me, I just cannot comprehend it……..
I read with tears in my eyes all the LIES you fabricated against me, LIES you feel will justify your inhumane act, LIES you feel will gain you public sympathy and LIES calculated to bring my person to public opprobrium……..
You claim ….
(1) I am Mentally Unstable (2) That you have caught me with different men
(3) That I do not take care of my parents (4) That a man rented an apartment for me……….
LIES all LIES……..
Dear hubby I challenge you to back on your claims with PROOF!!!!!!!!!……….
Hmmmm lanre you forget quickly!…., you forget how I have labored and stood by you all these years, even tho all what I was getting from you was constant beating, harrasment ,threat to my life and threat to destroying my image if I dare,leave you…… .,,You must PROOF all your allegations otherwise God knows I am going to add another lawsuit to the one on ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Although my Team has been pleading with me to stay silent all these while, but I have come to realize that you want to ride on my keeping mum……
#saynotodomesticviolence #realmendonthit
#mylifeisnotinyourhands .”


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