John Cena’s Former Fiancee Nikki Bella Cancels Engagement

John Cena’s lukewarm attitude toward marriage spurred Nikki Bella to call off their engagement, and the couple sometimes spent months without seeing one another.

The 34-year-old beauty was put off by Cena’s clear reluctance to tie the knot with her, an insider told People Monday, despite their six-year relationship.

‘He was making it abundantly clear that he was going into this gritting his teeth the whole way,’ the insider said. ‘Nikki is an amazing, talented, strong, one-of-a-kind woman.

‘Anyone would be lucky to have her in their life – yet John acted more and more like he was doing her a favor by somehow conceding to go ahead and marry her.’
The WWE diva ‘doesn’t need a pity proposal, a pity wedding,’ or ‘a pity husband,’ the source told the magazine, describing Nikki as ‘a phenomenal, tremendous woman.’

The Tampa, Florida native and Cena, 40 – who were slated to exchange vows May 5 – got engaged in grand fashion a year ago when Cena proposed to her in front of a WrestleMania 33 crowd of more than 75,000 people at Florida’s Orlando Citrus Bowl.
‘It’s hard for anyone not to wonder why he did it, and did it in this hugely public way, in the literal arena where he is most popular,’ the insider told People. ‘He knew exactly what sort of response he would get by doing that.’



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