Kardashian Family Not In Support Of Khloe Getting Back With Tristan

Kardashian family is not happy she’s getting back with Tristan Thompson — and that’s a major understatement — but they’re not going to lobby her to kick his ass to the curb.

Khloe was spotted with TT at a Cleveland restaurant Friday having lunch with friends and then showed up at the Cavaliers’ game Saturday to support her baby daddy . Kardashian sources say Khloe’s family is outraged he humiliated and betrayed her right before she gave birth to their daughter. It’s said the family WISH she’d remain civil with him for the sake of their daughter, but move on. That said, they have enormous respect for Khloe and think she’s capable of making decisions for herself.We’re told the family is somewhat surprised by the turn of events, because not long ago it looked like she was done with Tristan  and the family was down with that decision. She was staying in Cleveland because Tristan was on the road and the baby wasn’t able to fly.

And this is interesting  the family privately feels they may never forgive Tristan, but they’re not going to attempt to torpedo the relationship.



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