“Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance [Trailer]

Prince William in Lifetime’s “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance” says even he was surprised when he wasn’t given a prosthetic to play the future king of England.

Actor, Burgess Abernethy spoke about his role in the TV movie, which was met with a ton of criticism because a lot of viewers didn’t think he looked anything like the real Wills  and turns out, Burgess didn’t think so either.

Burgess says hair, wardrobe and makeup helped a little, and he’s still got the bald spot to prove it but ultimately, nailing the accent was his saving grace and helped him embody Will’s spirit  even if he’s not a dead ringer for the guy. Like he says  it was his own version of PW.
As for the haters seems there’s only really one critique Burgess cares about.




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