Taraji P. Henson Sells Her Four-Bedroom Four-Bathroom Mansion For $2.35 Million

Taraji P. Henson sold her four-bedroom four-bathroom Mediterranean-style mansion for $2.35 million after two and a half years on the housing market, the sale secured following the drop in price from $3.25 million.
The magnificent property was every inch the home of a movie star with its intimate private cinema, impressive 600-bottle wine cellar, celebrity-style dressing room and generous-sized jacuzzi set in the plush gardens surrounding the building as well as a home gym.
Set in the astonishing Beachwood Canyon area, the 4000-square-foot opulent stone villa stood out with its four swanky balconies and huge airy windows as well as astonishing views of the bustling Los Angeles city — home to a whole galaxy of Hollywood’s elite.

Stunning sights from the balcony can be accessed from the French doors in the property which led to a gorgeous Arabian arch where a wooden bench has the best view overlooking the bright cityscape, only hidden from the view with a cream set of curtains

Each balcony offered alternative perspectives looking out onto the star-studded Los Angeles through the very same style arches built into the lofty structure of the property but every spot was furnished differently — with one featuring two deck chairs and a small coffee table, ideal for a romantic night in.
Traditional carved-wood double doors make up the grand entrance to the 4000-square-foot splendid stone home which leads straight into the cosy cinema, decorated with authentic film posters and four comfortable armchairs featuring cupholders looking at the gigantic screen, as well as the sizable two-car garage.

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