Jet Li Resurfaces With A Fan Looking 20 Years Older Than His Age Due To Health Condition

Jet Li resurfaces with a Fan Looking 20 years older than his age . He is one of modern martial arts cinema’s greatest stars, thanks to his work in such hits as Once Upon a Time in China, Fist of Legend, Romeo Must Die, and Hero. However, the actor hasn’t appeared on U.S. screens since 2014’s The Expendables 3 — and a new report indicates the reason is his stunning and heartbreaking physical condition.

Li’s last role was in 2016’s League of Gods, a Chinese fantasy epic in which he boasted a bald head and long white beard as a hero plagued by a spell that forces him to age in reverse. Alas, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Li’s elderly appearance in that film wasn’t just the magic of makeup. During a recent visit to Tibet, a fan snapped a photo alongside Li, and had he not been identified by name, it’s unclear whether anyone would have recognized the international icon because he looks decades older than his 55 years.


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