Kiss Daniel Changes His Stage Name

Kizz Daniel has changed his stage name replacing the double SS with ZZ. It has been observed about a week ago, the singer did some changes on his social media account, deleting some of his posts on his Instagram page and un-followed some people narrowing list down to 14.

It was also observed that the singer’s Instagram username has been changed from ‘@iamkissdaniel’ to ‘@iamkizzdaniel’, which intensified the speculations that the No Do singer has adopted a new stage name and has left the name ‘Kiss Daniel’ for G-worldwide.

If you recall that his former label made claims over his name ‘KISS DANIEL’ when they had a steaming court case claiming to own his assumed former name, ‘Kiss Daniel’, in their legal battle against him. People believe that the change of name was done in reaction to the direction of the legal war between him and G-worldwide Entertainment.



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