K. Michelle Releases Nude Photos

K. Michelle has gotten rid of her artificial hips and butt but she isn’t about to stop posting photos of her naked body.

The singer shared completely naked photos of her self to Instagram to celebrate her freedom. She didn’t exactly state when the photos were taken but said she was nervous at first to post them for fear of what people will say. But she’s free now and doesn’t care what others think.

Sharing the photos, she wrote:

Mood: Nothing much bothers me anymore. Freedom is actually being FREE to be your authentic self. These surgeries really affected my mental. Idc idc idc! I remember when me and my creative did this picture I was nervous because social media kept calling me names. I loved this picture, so I’ll post it everyday and I give Zero f’s what you think! I like Me! If you don’t Kiss my ?

❤️Thursday huh?

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