Ailing Nollywood Actor, Leo Mezie’s Wife Clarifies Issues On His Health


Recently, a video was posted by the ailing actor, Leo Mezie to thank people for the support but there has been some misconception as some were probably hurt. His wife has come forward to clear the air.

“My attention has been drawn to the misconceptions as regards the Thank You Video released recently by my husband Leo Mezie. This is to state clearly that the video was not meant to hurt anyone or appreciate any individual (s) more than others.

The main purpose of the video was to appreciate everyone who has assisted in one way or the other to ensure that Leo receives better treatment. All those who fought hard to see that he gets the assistance needed, the campaign team , who ensured that the story was made public, fans , organizations, churches, individuals, pastors,journalists, media houses, bloggers, celebrities, families, friends and well wishers .

The names listed by my husband in his video or names listed by the various blogs were names of the campaign team based in Nigeria. It could be recalled that the names of those who donated were published few months ago. Some names were even listed more than once.
Please I want to use this medium to appreciate everyone who has contributed in their various ways and to appeal that my husband is not yet fit to attend to all the mails, text messages, chats etc sent to him. Most of his mails are attended by me. Kindly be patient with us. This is not the best time for us as his family. It has been very challenging for us.

Also, we appreciate Leo’s fans all over the world and to say a big thank you to Harifa Daly (HarifaMissdshow Daly) who created a Go Fund me account in Ireland and to let his fans know that the money was received and signed by Leo.

Most importantly, my husband is alive today due to your prayers and above all the mercy of God. Eph 2:4-5. May all praises be given to the Almighty. Please let us all consider that Leo is still receiving treatment and as such his state of mind at this time matters a lot.

Once more from the depth of my heart I say thank you for your contributions, donations and support.

May the good lord bless you all.

Maureen Leonard

On behalf of the Family.”


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