Barack Still Tucks Michelle In at Night

Last week, the highly anticipated Obama romance film, Southside with You hit theaters. In the last months of the Obama White House, audiences will be able to get a deeper look at how our outgoing POTUS and FLOTUS met and fell in love.

And though their first date was pretty memorable, the rest of their love story is even more romantic – down to the fact that, in the White House, he still tucks her into bed every night. (We’ll get to that!)

For starters: Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson met while working at the Chicago law firm Sidley Austin, when Barack was working as a summer associate and Michelle was his adviser.

At first, Michelle said she expected her advisee, then a Harvard Law student, to be “nerdy, strange, off-putting.”

But he surprised her.

Michelle even told PEOPLE in 2012 that Barack still “tucks” her into at night.

“We call it tucking,” she said. “He’ll come and say good night and turn the lights out and give me a kiss, and we’ll talk. But I do call it – he’s like, ready to be tucked? I’m like, yes, I am.”

“That’s usually a time when we can check in if I’m not really already asleep,” she laughed. “Sometimes I am.”

Michelle, Barack said, doesn’t just give him love, but brings him back down to earth when the pressure gets high, or the job gets (even more) intense.

“She sees the humor in situations where I might be taking myself too seriously,” he’s said. “She always knocks me down a peg, and it’s important.”


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