Beanie Sigel Goes Wild On Breakfast Club Over Meek Mill Feud [Video]

Beanie Sigel has no chill , he has a  feud with Meek Mill, but now he has also extended his anger on radio with personality Charlamagne Tha God.

During his interview on “The Breakfast Club” on Today (Oct. 11), Beans became agitated with Charlamagne’s line of questioning about his Meek issues.

“Why you keep harping on that?” he said. “We answered that. We talked about that. So don’t talk out your neck. If you saying you want unity, stop doing that. Stop playing with me, man.”

When Charlamagne continued to question him about the way he’s handled the Meek feud, he responded again as “The Breakfast Club’s” “P.O. Meter” continued to rise.

“You not qualified, dog,” said Mac. “You a radio personality. You don’t come from my world. You wouldn’t understand my world. You don’t know nothing about this man, so stop runnin’ your fuckin’ mouth, man. You shouldn’t. It’s dangerous.”


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