Clap Back! Nikki Laoye Slams Arik Air ‘Again’ For ‘Poor Customer Service’

Well, much has been spat about the way Nigerian artiste who recently headed to London for an award ‘Nikki Laoye’, she had an outburst on  social media over how she has been treated by the airline which TheNetNg posted which she commented on and not only that, the airline responded which didn’t get on the good side of Nikki as she clapped back at the airline including fans laying blame on the airline for poor response and services.

nikkilaoye Oh yes I am Thank you @thenetng for sharing my tweets & these information with the general public… I usually don’t like to call people out but when something is bad especially a service I paid for… Then it is VERY VERY BAD!!
I normally fly Virgin Atlantic to the UK but decided to try @flyArikAir for the first time.
I was warned of their bad services but decided to shrug that off & believe the best but Alas, they decided to show themselves on my return trip with their terrible customer service & staff that decided to threaten me on a flight I paid for because I questioned their one hand luggage rule which says even a lady’s handbag is luggage. Uhhh??? **Shaking my head** It’s okay to have your rules but it doesn’t make sense when the rule is not applicable from Lagos to London but on my return flight, from London back to Nigeria, travelling back the same way i went…. Wahala come dey as i was told to choose between my handbag or my small cabin box and instead of finding a reasonable solution for a 1st time customer who knew nothing about the rule, a so called manager resorted to threats to throw me off the flight
Ehn! You say wetin? God knows i don’t take kindly to that kinda behaviour & I was ready to stand for my rights Luckily, other staff stepped in immediately & apologised for their colleague’s behavior. The air hostesses also recognising me, profusely apologised for the madness.
But of cos, it didn’t end there until they collected £100 as i had to check in my small 9kg cabin box as extra luggage. What a way to extort money from unknowing customers and I heard that many have fallen for this same issue at the point of check-in.
Of cos, I have had baggage moments with Virgin or Emirates, other airlines and they would go overboard to assist and help to ensure that I was sorted & comfortable.
It is really sad that @flyArikAir is known over and over again for these bad services and I do hope the right department is taking note of these.
You can’t keep treating ppl this way oo.. Hmmm! My prayers are on your head..
#NikkiLaoye #ArikAir #NigerianAviation #CustomerService #FlyArikAir

After the above reaction  by Nikki Laoye the air line responded below saying:

FlyArikAir:’Reaction to Nikky Laoye’s allegation about being ripped off by Arik Air
Our attention has been drawn to a post by Nikky Laoye who flew Arik Air from London to Lagos where she alleged being charged for an extra hand luggage she carried.
While we appreciate Nikky for choosing to fly with us, we disagree with her claim of being cheated. She was in possession of two hand luggage which weigh above our baggage allowance of 12kg.
We always encourage our guests to familiarize themselves with our terms and conditions of carriage which is clearly outlined on our website.
Please find below our policy on hand luggage allowance…
Hand Baggage Allowance
For all Arik Air flights, the hand baggage allowance is ONE PIECE weighing a maximum of 12 kg International/Regional flights and 6 Kg domestic flights (maximum dimensions allowed are 55cms x 35 x 25cms). Please check your fare rules as this allowance may differ depending on travel class.
Hand baggage includes those items which passengers may take into the aircraft and store under the seat in front or in the overhead storage compartments.
Common examples include: • A bag, not exceeding 55x35x25cm, such as a handbag or a briefcase or a laptop computer • One overcoat or raincoat • An umbrella or walking stick; • One camera, one video camera or one portable CD player • A reasonable quantity of newspapers, magazines or books for the journey • Items bought at the airport “Duty Free” shop in limited quantity and dimension • Food for infants necessary during the journey • One carry-cot or folding pram • One folding wheelchair, a set of crutches or similar devices on which a disabled passenger may be dependant.
Your cabin bag will be checked at the gate. If you arrive at the gate with more than one item or it exceeds the above dimensions/weight, your bag will need to be checked into the hold. We reserve the right to collect an excess baggage fee or to cancel your reservation and to deny your boarding.
For more information, visit our website,”

After the drama came another shot was fired by  Nikki Laoye:

nikkilaoye:This is really shameful. @flyarikair’s poor Customer service in full glare as they obviously didn’t read my complaints properly and now poorly attempt to discredit me and then totally avoided the fact that their staff were rude and have resorted to threats upon customers.
Courtesy demands that you would even reach out to an upset customer directly first and not via post on your IG page (on which you didn’t even tag me) but was brought to my knowledge by my fans and friends who saw it on your page.
When we now decide to boycott Nigerian made companies or services, people would be asking why… This is one of the WHYS.
Your Customer is the basis for your business and you obviously don’t care about how you made me feel… Definitely not comfortable to want to use your services anymore.
Hmmm.. God will grant the entire team of Arik Air the right wisdom to handle customer issues properly.
Amen… I rest my case. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Ps: you didn’t even spell my name properly.. It’s NIKKI LAOYE. Thank you.
#NikkiLaoye #TheCustomerIsAlwaysRight #ArikAir #FlyArikAir #NigerianAviation #CustomerService

The fans didn’t stay silence of Nikki’s matter but fired at Arik Air to apologise!



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Picture of the instagram post below.



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