Davido’s Late Associate Chime Amaechi’s Family Disapprove Drug Overdose As Cause Of Death Claim ‘Assassination’

The most that had been said about the Chime Amaechi was that ‘he died with DJ Olu’, as though he was inconsequential. And usually happens, when a less popular individual dies in company of famous people, they get brushed aside.

The family of the deceased have granted an interview over his death claiming the stories around his death is false.

However, the family is convinced that this was no ordinary death, or an overdose as reported in the media. Sopulu in particular is insistent that they were murdered.

‘First, nobody is talking about the fact that they went to eat somewhere before heading home. Someone put the video on his Snapchat and was zooming in and out of his food. That was unlike Chime. He was usually not one to show the surroundings of where he was at any given time. But on this occasion someone was recording him. Few minutes later the video was deleted, it wasn’t left there for the normal 24 hours.’

Could he have overdosed on drugs, like initial reports had it? They disagreed vehemently. ‘My son was not a drug user,’ his father said. ‘He doesn’t even drink and if he did, it was just a little. He was the one always telling his friends not to drink or smoke. For anyone to claim that he overdosed on drugs is malicious.’

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