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Domestic Violence: Woman Stabs Husband To Death During A Fight

Domestic Violence leads to death! Woman has stabbed her husband to death during a fight in Ikorodu in Lagos. The woman narrated her experience and why she stabbed her husband to death.

A teacher, Abimbola Olamide, has been arrested by policemen from the Lagos State Police Command for stabbing her husband, Dare Akinbobola, to death at their residence in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State.

From the video it’s believed there was an argument between the couple on Wednesday, which led into a fight which led Olamide into a defense during a fight from her confession to have stabbed her 28-year-old husband with a knife, killing him in the process.

In a video clip of her confessional statement, which went viral on Thursday, the mother of two said she acted in self defense.

She said in the video below: “I did not kill my husband intentionally. He was beating me and while hitting me, he broke several plates on my head. He had battered me many times in the past, but whenever he beat me, I usually run out of the house.

“But this time around, he locked the door to prevent me from escaping, pinned me down and battered me. I was helpless.

“I picked up a knife on the ground; my intention was to use the knife to scare him away. So, I held on to the knife, but he didn’t leave me alone. I mistakenly stabbed him; I couldn’t have killed my husband intentionally.

“My family already told me to leave him, but I did not because he was the husband of my youth and father of my two children. He usually beat me; you can ask around, everybody knows. But I have just been enduring it.”

Video below.

Teacher stabs husband to death in Lagos . . A man has been stabbed to death by his wife, during a fight at their residence in Ikorodu, Lagos. . . The sad event happened, yesterday morning. According to wife, who is a teacher and a mother of two, she stabbed him in self defense, after being pinned down by the deceased, who was notorious for always beating her. . . When interviewed, the sobbing suspect said: “I didn’t kill him intentionally. He was always battering me. Today, he pinned me down and started beating me again. . . I picked the knife to scare him, but I mistakenly stabbed him. I couldn’t have killed my husband intentionally. In the past, I used to run out of the house when being beaten, but today, he locked everywhere to prevent my escape. . . My family have told me to divorce him but I didn’t want to, because he is the husband of my youth and we already have two children together. You can ask around, everyone knows he beats me always.” . . The wife has since been arrested by policemen attached to the Igbogbo Police Station.

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