Drake Kisses Rihanna! Kanye West & Alicia Keys Deliver Thrilling Speech (Videos)

Drake kisses Rihanna

The VMAs never occur without leaving you something to think of or feel tied to! Alicia keys stepped on stage to share a poem in honour of 53rd Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s Speech “I Have A Dream”.

Kanye West got a standing ovation with his speech on fame, gives shouts to Amber Rose, talks murder in Chicago, expresses love for other celebrities linking to Taylor Swift’s reach for his famous song Famous.He also called Piddy his Idol.

Drake rains praises on Rihanna for her hard work for the past 11 years while he presents her Video Vanguard Award and the peak of the moment was he confessed “I have been in love with her since i was 22.”

Video credit- MTV


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