George Clooney Hospitalized After A Bike Crash

George Clooney was hospitalized after crashing his bike in Costa Corallina, Puntaldia in Sardinia, while on his way to a TV set.

The US actor, 57, collided with a Mercedes car on Tuesday morning, according to La Nuova Sardegna, and was found lying injured on the road, having hurt his pelvis and bruised his legs and arms.

John Paul II hospital, in Olbia, Sardinia, has confirmed the actor arrived there following his crash, where he had an X-ray, and wife Amal, 40, rushed to his side.The actor was said to have been discharged on the same morning and he and Amal left together via a side exit, stepping into a chauffeur-driven car. A picture from the site shows a smashed windscreen, which suggests George hit it during the shock crash.

According to La Nuova Sardegna, George was hit by the car which reportedly suddenly changed direction at a spot close to Hotel Ollastu.

A fire extinguisher can be seen on the road but no people are visible in the image


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