Indonesia Executes 3 Nigerians & 1 Indonesian By Firing Squad

It’s reported that Indonesia has  executed 4 drug traffickers on Friday, furthermore no specification on when other  10 convicted of drug crimes would be executed.

It’s said that Deputy Attorney-General Noor Rachmad expressed 3 Nigerians & 1 Indonesian were executed by firing squad not long after midnight local time.

It was announced earlier this week by Indonesian government that 14 people were on death row, mostly foreigners, to be executed on the Nusa Kambangan prison island.

Amongst the executed on Friday are- Indonesian Freddy Budiman and Nigerians Seck Osmane, Michael Titus and Humphrey Jefferson. The bodies of Osmane and Titus is anounced to be  flown to their home country and Jefferson will be buried in Indonesia.

Relatives, rights groups and foreign governments had urged Indonesia to spare all 14 lives but it was unclear whether that had any influence on the decision to not carry out all the executions at once. Lawyers and rights groups had raised serious doubts about the legitimacy of the conviction of Jefferson as well as the convictions of an Indonesian woman and a Pakistani man.

Protesters held a vigil late Thursday in front of the presidential palace in Jakarta, arranging candles in the shape of a noose and laying posters emblazoned with a bloody hand and the words “stop the executions” on the ground.

It was the third set of executions under President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, who was elected in 2014 and campaigned on promises to improve human rights in Indonesia.

“It was not a pleasant thing but it was to implement the law,” said Rachmad. “The executions are only aimed at halting drug crimes.”




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