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Joe Hanson And Shobande Lagos Team Up For Motive

Broadcaster, Voice Over Actor, Master of Ceremonies – Joe Hanson has teamed up with Men’s
bespoke stylist– Shobande Lagos to understand a new MOTIVE behind men’s style.

It is advisable for a bespoke man to have at least three or four major colors in the wardrobe
that can be worn for a regular office day or for attending to a business meeting as well as day to
day hustle. I mean that hustle that requires you looking stylish.

These colors are Blue, Black, Brown and Grey! However, what’s the MOTIVE behind why you
should add 2 more amazing colors such as GREEN and PURPLE to the list?

For those who are confident in wearing or trying out colors, the green color is not very common
amongst others especially in the business circles, but it does catch the eye when styled properly
for such or another occasion. Besides, you can be easily noticed as the one guy who is looking
distinct and unique.
The green suit makes for an elegant look keeping you stylish even though most have attributed
this color to the military.
The effects of wearing an overly light green suit is that it doesn’t make you look formal but
rather informal. So, you just might want to think carefully about that!
Like Joe Hanson, try wearing plain colors most times [not shouty colors] with the green suit so
as to get that fine gentlemanly look.

“I love the green suit now compared to before! I use to see It as being off and different. The
green suit, mostly a deeper shade for me gives you something that other suits don’t give
especially when blended properly with colors! Using this at wedding events can add more to
your style.”



We all know Purple is associated with royalty, so going purple is a good way to looking and
staying royal. There are reputable events that will recommend you look classy and bold – now
that’s what the purple color does for you.
The purple color amazingly can be mixed with not to bright and fairly dark shade of colors.
Truth is it speaks for itself. Although not everyman’s number one choice, trying it out for a
special event can prove mastery.
With Joe Hanson, a turtle neck or a plain white shirt keeps it elegant, simple and dope.

“Yes, purple may not be your first choice, but it will as soon as you try it on! Going for a
double breasted purple suit for a corporate event or that business meeting is an absolute YES
for your style. However, you can also lighten the look up a bit with a turtle neck as well”.



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