Mavin’s Dija Defends Banned Actress ‘Rahama Sadau’

Mavin’s Dija who recently became a mum has let her voice out in defense of Rahama Sadau  who was banned from Nigerian movie industry ‘Kannywood’ – the northern sub-sect of the Nigerian film industry, Nollywood for featuring in a music video, even though people still can’t really see the immorality in the video as claimed as the reason.

According to the news reports, the young actress was sanctioned by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria for being featured in a music video and participating in immoral act in the song  ‘I Love You’ by musician, ClassiQ.

Dija wrote: “@rahamasadau our love is with you. Let us guide and protect each other. If we offend each other, let us talk to each other and fix it as opposed to dragging each other through the mud, or behind CLOSED DOORS. Life isn’t about how bad u can make someone look. It is about how well we can carry each other even during our worst moments. Allah ya tamake mu duka. Love and light


Rahama Sadau has also sent an apology letter to those who might have been affected by her action.



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