Michael Jackson’s Secret Underage Sex Closet: Sheriffs Found Naked Pictures Of Teenage Boys & More

A new video has been released from the November 2003 raid of Michael Jackson’s home by 70 members of the Santa Barbara County District Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Department which uncovered his collection of pornography and photos featuring young boys naked.

The video revealed almost all of Jackson’s home, from the arcade room to his bedroom and the many life-size mannequins he had throughout his Neverland Ranch.  Many of these mannequins were superheroes like Superman and Lara Croft.  This raid also revealed for the first time the King of Pop’s secret closet, hidden in the back of his bedroom and kept closed with three deadlocks. It was in here that he kept memorabilia like a signed photograph of Macaulay Culkin, stuffed animals and games, and naked photos. Culkin signed his photo with the message: ‘Don’t leave me alone in the house.’  There were also racing cars, Disney merchandise and a shocking number of dolls.

Many of these books and videos found in the raid were also detailed in court papers from the time, submitted after a young boy came forward claiming that he had been sexually abused and assaulted by the singer on multiple occasions. The police report claims that in Jackson’s bedroom and bathroom alone there were at least seven collections of work found by investigators that show boys in their teenage years – and in some cases younger – fully nude or partially clothed. One of the collections, Taormina Wilhelm Von Gloeden, is described in court papers as: ‘Nude photos of teenage boys from late 1800s.’

An arrest warrant had been issued at that time as well, and Jackson later turned himself into police when he returned to California.

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