Nollywood Stunt Gone Bad As Actor Suffers Serious Burns To The Skin

On Wednesday, July 27, an email was disseminated to various media houses, claiming that Iyoho was in the hospital after a fire stunt went wrong on set of the upcoming movie “Behind the Wheels.”

A video of Iyoho on fire was also shared by Ohikhuare on his official Facebook page. Hours later, the video was deleted.

Photos of Ani Iyoho on a hospital bed also surfaced online.


Iyoho who recently completed filming of the movie “Blurred Lines” in Ghana, returned to Nigeria to film the fire scene.

He took to his Instagram page to share the below update:

“Wrapped up on #BlurredLineshere in Accra, Ghana directed by Dickson Dzakpasu @dicksondzakpasu . I’m heading to Lagos, Nigeria tomorrow to finish the hottest scene on#behindthewheels Directed by Stanlee Ohikhuere @stanleeohikhuare.

“I call this wrap scene the #hottestbecause we will be playing with #fire. I’m about to go down in history as probably the first Nigerian to be set on fire in a#nollywood #movie #production. I’m#excited about it.

“I hope it goes well. I have a lot of faith in the #sfxmakeupartist DorotheaKwofie@dorothea_kwofie . She assures me I’ll be alright and she’s the best SFX artist I know in Africa so I believe her. Looking forward to this.”
Read conversation between Iyoho and Ohikhaure (The Director) below:



According to TNS, an undisclosed source revealed the alleged ‘stunt gone wrong’ to be a well planned publicity stunt.

“Na lie, Ani is fine. Nothing happened to him,” the source said. “He has been attending several events after we completed shoot. I don’t know if the director is in on this stunt but we discussed something like that a few weeks ago.”

As at time of this report, Ohikhuare and Iyoho have not been available as all attempts to reach them have been unsuccessful.

Ohikhuare is popular for movies like “Stupid Movie,” “Verdict,” “Common Man,” “Tunnel,” “Kpians: The Feast of Souls” among others.



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