One Africa Music Fest Houston: Travel Diary, Day 1

It’s 10 days before the One Africa Music fest Houston and it’s finally time for me to leave Lagos.

I’m Makida Moka and I’ll be letting you know all the things that happen in the lead up to the concert on the 22nd of October 2016.

Lagos to Houston on the average is 12 hours without any layovers, it’s a really long flight. Thankfully, I’ve got a few other people on the One Africa Music Fest Team with me and artistes Zoro, Skiibi and dancer Kaffy so it wasn’t so bad.

Our first stop was at Amsterdam. We had a four hour layover so we decided to walk around the Schiphol airport and we found interesting things and corners in it. Then, it was time to get on the final flight to Houston. It was a much bigger aircraft, I had my window seat so all was well with the world.

Then We finally touched down Houston and the excitement of One Africa Music Fest Houston ignited!

Here’s a look at all the things that happened on the way to Houston.

A video posted by @mojeeya on

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A video posted by @mojeeya on

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