Photos: Six Feet Crocodile Caught In Festac Town, Lagos

An eye witness,  Melvin Udosen, shared several photos of a six feet crocodile which was caught in 2nd Avenue Road, 207 bustop, in Festac Town, a suburb in Lagos.

Melvin said that there is a high possibility of more crocodiles living in the marshlands of the Agboju-Festac Axis.

He added that snakes like anacondas are a common find around the area, saying, “It’s a regular thing.”

Another source confirmed that the massive crocodile “stinks badly, and its body is hard like metal.”

The source expressed amazement on how the crocodile had remained invisible till it grew to its present length.

In his words, “I’m still surprised on how this Beast managed to go unseen, in this city. Till it grew to this size.”




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