Prison Break Returns To TV – Video Teaser

Fans of Prison Break will finally be able to sate their appetite as the series returns to TV. Fox shares video teaser of Michael Scofield securing a piece of gum which he claimed is critical to getting a new great escape started.

The announcement of the limited-series revival of the show was made at Comic-con, Sunday, (July, 24).

While reuniting on the set of a movie project The Flash, Wentworth Miller who played the character Micheal Scofield and his brother, Lincoln Burrows in the series, real name Dominic Purcell shared the idea to revive the play.

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Purcell said, “We got on set, and it was just like we hadn’t been apart for all these years, and we started to warm to the idea of why not ‘Prison Break’? The greenlight essentially came from Wentworth.”

Purcell and Wentworth met with the producers of the original series and discussed the idea of bringing the show back.

Miller credited the return of Prison Break to the original show’s creator, Paul Scheuring while adding that the new show will have a fresh perspective on the main concept of the original series.

He said, “I figured that we would have to be true to the show’s DNA, but once Paul Scheuring signed on to spearhead these nine episodes. I wanted it to be something you remember, but also something radical and different and new.”

Watch the teaser here



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