Some iPhone 7 Devices Making ‘Hissing’ Sound while Under Heavy Load

Guess Apple have a problem on their hands. Recently Samsung has come under fire for some models of the Note 7 catching fire and blowing up.

First noticed by Stephen Hackett of 512 Pixels and then piled on by other podcasters, the iPhone 7 seems to make a noticeable hissing sound while under heavy load. Hackett uploaded a video to YouTube with a recording of the sound (below), which is similar to that of white noise or the hiss you get a poorly connected speaker.

Hackett’s complaints have been corroborated by others, including former Apple PR person and current TechCrunch writer Darrell Etherington, who noticed the hiss while his iPhone 7 Plus was going through the setup process.

The general consensus is that the hiss is somehow related to the A10 Fusion processor due to the fact that it only emerges when the device is under heavy load and emanates from the general area where the processor lives. While the sound is similar to a laptop fan according to folks with the issue, the iPhone obviously doesn’t have any fans inside of it which is what makes this a head-scratcher. Given the fact that the iPhone is a relatively lower-power device, it’s unusual for it to make a sound like this outside of speaker noise.



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