The Internet freaked out Because a Teacher Wore This Dress

After a fourth-grade teacher in Atlanta posted a photo to Instagram of a dress she wore to work — and the Twitter hashtag #teacherbae gained steam — the results to her outfit were telling.

Although some people were supportive of Patrice “Tricey” Brown, others were critical of her appearance and called her outfits inappropriate for her job. Some of her critics expressed doubt in her ability to teach young children, claiming that students would be distracted by her looks.

The public response to Brown reveals widespread assumptions about the roles of women — particularly women of color — as well as the roles of teachers, who work in a female-dominated profession where they’re seen as caretakers.

As critics of the the teacher’s detractors pointed out, observers may have been sexualizing Brown because of her hourglass figure, not because of the actual clothes she wore to teach fourth graders.


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