Tiwa Savage Slams A And R Consultant Bizzle

Tiwa Savage didn’t hold back words to the point of making typographical errors in pouring out her thought against Bizzle after he posted Cardi B’s video who showcased  being in London for a show, he pointed out that Nigerian Artistes don’t invest enough in their music and using Cardi B as his example with below caption  which prompted Tiwa Savage’s  reaction.

Bizzle: Nigerian artist don’t do showcase in UK or US, everyone is fully blown. They don’t know their blowing is just in the African community. If u need to expand your fan base, you need make sacrifices and investment .

Tiwa’s Response- Wow @bizzle two sides to EVERY story .. you are always talking about nigerian artists not promoting their shoes, nigerian artists not doing this or not doing that but you manage artists and should know better than to generalize and always put blame on the artists. Many artists do invest EVERYTHING back in their craft, work long hours creating music only to have to pay for their music to be played on various platforms … so many things I can touch on but not enough characters on IG. You can post this video and encourage us artist and not always bring us down. Because it’s these same artists that you celebrate when they achieve milestones internationally and usually with no help but themselves and their manager. The world is looking at us now, let’s not be divided. We all need each other so let’s stop creating division between DJs, promoters, artists , etc


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