Train Beheads A Passenger Leaning Out A Carriage

A rail passenger was ‘decapitated’ after leaning out a carriage window before being struck by an oncoming train – as horrified witnesses watched his head ‘fly off’.  The man, who was in his 20s, was on board the Gatwick Express from the busy airport to London Victoria station when he was struck by a the speeding train.

Police and ambulance crews rushed to Wandsworth Common station in south west London after the male passenger didn’t notice the train was coming. An eyewitness called Rhianna, from Battersea, gave Wandsworth Radio a gruesome account of the incident which was witnessed by two ladies on the platform.

She added that there was around 15 to 20 people inside the carriage when the man was hit by the moving train.
‘He lifted his head out and basically he didn’t notice that the train was coming so all you see is basically a head gone.
The head flew off basically. I actually ran because it was disgusting but all I saw was a head flew away. People screamed the train stopped and people were screaming and they were coming out. There was obviously the two ladies, they were more traumatic, but all I saw was a split second of what happened if you know what I mean. I just saw everyone moving, i just had to turn my head away.

‘The people that were on the carriage, say around 15 to 20 people. The woman that mostly saw it, i spoke to her and she was crying.
‘She was just hurt that see saw something like that and she was traumatised.
British Transport Police are still investigating the incident but added that initial enquiries suggest the man may have been ‘leaving out of a train door window’ when he ‘suffered a blow to the head’.
The gruesome accident is said to have happened in front of a horrified woman and child who alerted the driver.
Following the devastating incident, several officers carried the man’s body – which was wrapped in a blanket – to the back of a private ambulance.


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