Tyrese Admits Being Wrong On Public Feud With Dwayne Johnson

Tyrese admits airing his dirty laundry with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was wrong calls it unprofessional. Tyrese took himself to task when he talked to Van Lathan on ‘The Red Pill’ podcast. You’ll recall he accused his ‘Fast & Furious’ costar of being selfish when Johnson’s ‘F&F’ spin-off movie shoot schedule pushed back the release date of ‘Furious 9.’

He copped to going about it all wrong, but stopped shy of apologizing. In fact, Tyrese says he wasn’t the only one pissed off at Dwayne. Still, he’s laying the groundwork to squash the beef though, it hasn’t happened yet.
Be sure to check out the entire episode when it drops on SoundCloud later today.



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