Uganda Places Embargo on Sexting

The newly installed 9-member porn committee in Uganda has said it is placing a ban on sexting.

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo inaugurated the committee and said the Ugandan Government will be spending Ush2 billion ($556,000) each year to fund the activities of the committee, The East African reports.

In a statement released by the leader of the committee, it has said text messages construed to be leading to sex [sexting] will be defined as porn and attract punishment, according to journalist Mujuni Raymond.

The Ugandan Government had previously banned pornography, mini-skirts, homosexuality, and now sexting.

Journalist Samira Sawlani added that the government has procured a porn detection machine for $88,000.

What this implies is the porn committee will actively search, with the porn detection machine, internet traffic in Uganda to detect users watching porn and sexting.

Photo CreditThe East African



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