Watch Performance Funbi, Magnito & Kola Soul At #MusicPlusUnpluggedThursdays

Having fun, relaxing and enjoying good music just like it’s Friday is what makes ‘Music Plus Unplugged Thursdays’ outstanding!

This week’s event was special due to the pre-birthday party for  Fuze Presenters- ‘Vina and Hauwa’ plus the birthday of graphic designer- ‘Fortune’. All invited artistes for the day- Funbi, Kola Soul and Magnito performed a special song for them.

Hauwa and Vina got a spot on hot seat while Kola Soul serenaded them being their special day while Funbi also brought Vina out to sing her a special song for her birthday, Magnito also made Vina shake some booty!


Away from the birthdays came that major moment of fun for the day, epic performance by Magnito on a freestyle and song performance, Kola Soul made a lover boy out of himself singing love songs to the ladies, Funbi sang ‘Adore Her’ alongside ‘Ladi Poe’  the ladies just couldn’t get enough of theses guys especially Funbi. Funbi performed his song Hallelujah which was released on Monday the 5th of September, 2016.

The event was hosted by Larry-Foreman and songs played by the official DJ- Crowd Kontroller [Dj CK], pictures by Insigna Media.

Pictures below.

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