#YungL’s Instagram Hacked, News Of Baby Mama, Shaming Of Ice Prince & More Out

It seem Yung L has fallen victim of Social Media Hackers ! Loads of pictures plus shaming of ice prince and details of Yung L’s personal life has been dished out by the Hacker stating clearly he has a baby Mama plus a girl friend who is also expecting his baby in London  .

See all below.

@yunglmrmarley- “How dare you advise people to follow in your footstep, you gigolo. You and ya fellow gigolos ice prince, endia and your pimp nanle go from state to state sleeping with married rich women to fund your lifestyle in Lagos. These men are in a cult where they are required to sleep with older women for money. I will espose you all one by one. You are all divided now becos you fight about a top woman in this country. I will espose you all @iceprincezamani @endiaofficial @yunglmrmarley @nanlebishmang.”

@yunglmrmarley- “Yung l I want to espose you more because you have d gods to make such a statement in the public so I will also shame you in public place. You have a baby mama who you are hiding from the public and your girlfriend ( I will espose her soon) she is pregnant for you and you are hiding her in London that is why you are visiting there so frequency now.i have all your account of social media and I will keep exposing all of you aslo coming for phyno, Don jazzy, rekadobanks, iyanya, seyi shay,ice prince, MI and others
@donjazzy @mi_abaga @iyanya @seyishay @iceprincezamani @reekadobanks.”

@yunglmrmarley- “Ice prince you are a fake fuck boy. You are not making famous anymore becos you betray your friends to sleep with the top woman who I will soon espose too. Still on top of that you are broken and have nothing and no good hit. Now your boys are making money but you cannot go near them because of your betrayal to them. You lost maima your source of money after she sleeps with rich men you will use the money to smoke igbo and cocaine. I have proofs I will show @iceprincezamani.”


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